July 18, 2024

Anitta defends Jade Picon after web controversy

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Anitta defends Jade Picon after web controversy
Anitta defends Jade Picon after web controversy

the singer Anita28 years old, gave his opinion on Controversy among social network administrators for Jade Picon confined to “BBB 22” (TV Globo).

The influencer’s cast received criticism from her fans, even from her mother and brother, Leo Bacon.

After Jade Arthur points to the wall for the first timeIt was the moment when the sister’s promise was broken with her brother -, Fans of the reality show have dubbed the influencer “Jade Python.”a term referring to the python, a non-venomous snake native to the African and Asian continents.

The “affectionate nickname” was used by the sister team, who tried to sell the image of the villain as a good thing in publications – comparing Jade to villains like Carminha, from the soap opera “Avenida Brasil” (TV Globo), and Regina George, from Movie “Mean girls,” which pissed off Leo Bacon.

Anita, in turn, said that if she was Jade, she would like her team to continue taking care of Networking on a lighter, more pleasant tone.

“If the person did not commit prejudice, or extreme aggression and insult, I think this strategy is very clever. If it was me, I would have preferred to make jokes and such. Imagine leaving the house and seeing at least a lot of heavy things with my team being light and taking it step by step, I’d feel less bad and wouldn’t have a depression or not know I’m thinking my life is over…because when you look at people in the internet that’s what it looks like, isn’t it? That your life is over forever,” wrote Strong.

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