December 9, 2022
Ana Hickmann se machucou feio ao descer de cavalo (Foto: Reprodução)

Anna Hickman had a horse accident and her condition was revealed

Anna Hickman talks about her health after falling off her horse while riding

Anna Hickman He was in trouble this weekend. The Talking Record star decided on Saturday, October 15, about an accident he had while riding a horse. She was enjoying the company of her family when she was badly injured.

Hoje em Dia’s introduction stated that she had spent a few hours riding the horse and everything was going well, but when she got off the horse she ended up failing in her knee. Because of the problem, Anna Hickman fell backwards into a wall, injuring her rib.

“Spent two hours riding, it was fun, and when I got off the saddle, I wasn’t expecting my knee to fail. My knee failed, I couldn’t hold onto the stirrup, and I fell on my back, hitting my back against the wall where the horses were watering,” Hoogie leader M Dea fired.

Despite the panic, Anna Hickman made sure to talk about her health and tried to reassure her followers during the service. For ten minutes I was about to breathe because I injured my rib. And she stated that the gentle horse was more afraid of me.” The celebrity explained that she was in pain.

For this reason, Anna Hickman will be running new tests to see if she really didn’t break anything. “I fell, but I’m fine. I have back pain, but I haven’t broken anything. I talked to a doctor and I’m going to have an x-ray, because I’m still in pain. I got a rib and a little bit of my spine – so I’m going to suck it up.”

Anna Hickman was badly injured when getting off a horse (Image: clone)
Anna Hickman was badly injured when getting off a horse (Image: clone)

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