September 30, 2023
Announcing the ninth generation games The Scarlet and Violet

Announcing the ninth generation games The Scarlet and Violet

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Today (27) The Pokémon Company announced two new titles in the franchise! calls from Violet And the carmineThe games will bring a new generation of little monsters, as well as a new continent.

The announcement came at the end Pokemon presentsHe gave few details about the game. Despite this, new Initialswhich can be seen below:

The initials of the new generation of Pokemon.

In the presentation, it was also possible to check the announcement of the game’s announcement:

The names of the new initial monsters were not revealed in the video, but the location sribiknown for spreading information about Pokemon, pointed out that the grassy cat is called sprigatetefire crocodile fuecocoIt is called a water duck strict. The name of the new region was not revealed in the video, but the look and names of the new Pokémon seem to indicate that the location will be inspired by Mexico, Spain, or other Hispanic regions.

There was also no information about the game’s mechanics or pokedex, so it’s too early to tell how many and which pokemon will appear in the title, or whether they will feature mechanics inspired by modern games, such as sword And the shieldor the same Mythology: Arceus. However, what has been shown seems to indicate that this is the case, with many small monsters occupying the place, and locations similar to wild area From the last generation can be seen. It also gives the impression of a more open world, which may indicate this inspiration.

Pokemon: Scarlet And the Pokemon: Violet It still doesn’t have a release date, but the games are coming to Nintendo Switch At the end of 2022.

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