Anonymus: thirty years of sacrifice and pleasure

Anonymus: trente ans de sacrifices et de plaisir

Despite what its name suggests, Anonymous no longer go incognito. Veterans of the metal scene in Québec, the quartet celebrates this year its 30 years of existence. And it is offering a eighth original album to its loyal fans, long-time or newly conquered, it emphasizes the opportunity.

“It’s been four years that we had not produced any new material, it was due !” acknowledges Oscar Souto at the end of the wire, referring to the release of the previous album of the group, Towards and against all, which goes back to 2015.

This Friday, January 25, him and his bandmates Daniel Souto, Carlos Araya and Jef Fortin who has taken over from Marco Calliari in 2006 — will unveil 10 new songs on the Sacrifices, already available online since Monday. Ten tracks that sound like a ton of bricks, like everything that Anonymus has served since 1989. “We are not here to invent new recipes of pizza or spaghetti sauce. This is what we do, we do it well. So every album, we’re just trying to compose the best tunes with the same ingredients “, image the singer of the training.

Sacrifices, therefore, with ” of the Anonymous of pure and hard, version 2019 “, takes it to the bond. And above all it is a very small word that sums up the three tens on the counter of the band. “Given that it has been 30 years that it is in quebec’s musical landscape, a lot of people think that it was easy. But it is so not ! It works a shot ! We can’t live from our music, so we our jobs the week. We continue to practice even once a week, and we are always available for interviews or to meet with our fans, and we do everything ourselves : the artwork, the mastering, our videos, even pick up our stock after the shows and take space objects promo “, he says.

In summary, Anonymus, so it is a lot of sacrifices over the years. “It’s also a lot of perseverance and courage. Don’t be afraid to make a 12 or 15 hour drive for a show in Sept-Îles or Chibougamau. To sleep somewhere on the floor because you have nowhere else to thee extend. To do 27 shows in 30 days to get a trip to Europe “, adds Oscar Souto.

For the first time in Waterloo

But what is still keeping the road to the four guys, it is the immense pleasure they have in playing together and which is still going strong. The singer of the training promises to prove once again on stage during their tour 2019. “It will of course be some of our new tunes, but we will also get out the best of our seven other albums, the best of ourselves and our most beautiful contagious energy,” he says.

This tour will start no later than this Saturday, January 26 at the Maison de la culture de Waterloo, before even the great montreal launch, which will take place on 2 February.

A little anecdote : this show at the MCW, which is held on the same day of the formation of the band 30 years ago, which has pushed the guys to work twice as hard to release their album on the scheduled date. “The show is booked for a year and a half, and they were promised in the contract that we would have. Luckily we work well under pressure… let’s just Say that we spent a lot of sleepless nights lately. “

Whatever it is, they will be in full form, ensures Oscar. “It is ben febrile ! “


When: this Saturday, January 26, at 20h

Where: at the Maison de la culture de Waterloo


Tel.: 450-539-4764

** First parties: Nova Spei and Killborn

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