March 30, 2023
Another "fireball" meteorite is found in the United States;  Watch the video

Another “fireball” meteorite is found in the United States; Watch the video

This Sunday (3), a Meteorite “Fireball” Shined in some cities in the state of Colorado in the United States. According to the American Meteorological Association (AMS), there are more than 40 reports of people seeing the object in three states, most of them from the capital, Denver.

Fireballs glow a lot during the passage, due to the fragments and friction of large meteorites traveling at very high speeds in the Earth’s atmosphere. Thousands of meteors of this type occur daily, but most of them appear in desert areas or during the day, so they are invisible – so it is bright and the phenomenon is rare.

Check out some footage of the fireball involved:

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Doug Robinson, a resident of one of the areas where the meteorite was found, recorded the passage on a security camera in his home. “Everything was dark, and from nowhere, it was as clear as a full, bright moon,” he explained. Another, who lives in the Evergreen region of Colorado, said the meteorite was so bright that he even charged the solar panels in his home.

Chris Peterson, a contributor to the Cloud Pet Laboratory, estimates that the meteorite broke 16 km to 32 km from the ground. “I believe it’s a ton, I mean, it’s huge,” he told a local vehicle. Peterson also explained that up to 95% of meteorites can decompose into dust and some debris can fall to the ground. “Whether something is found or not remains to be seen, but there is a good chance there is at least a few kilograms of material on the ground,” he said.

So far, no meteorites have been found in the areas where the meteorite was observed to pass. Even so, scientists are constantly following the sites and asking if someone finds an object as a candidate for the meteorite they will not touch it with bare hands to prevent damage to the oil and microbes in the skin. Rock.

Source:, CBS Denver

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