February 5, 2023

Another game coming out in January

Sony List ten games that will come out From PS Plus Extra and Deluxe In the month of January last Tuesday (20). Well, this list just got longer. Another title says goodbye to the service in early 2023.

The name of that time is JumpJet Rex, which is a platform game for up to four players. Like the other ten eliminations, the title will be removed from the list on January 17th. From that date onwards, it will only be playable if the player purchases it from the PS Store. Check out the print below:

(Source: PS Store / PlayStation Plus Extra Catalog)

Those who have followed the release of PS Plus Extra and Deluxe already know how it works. The service’s catalog works in line with other subscription propositions on the market, such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Game Pass, which round out the content on offer.

Although JumpJet offers the extra tier, Deluxe subscribers also get access to titles on lower plans – in addition to the monthly basic plan games.

The R$100 discount for new PS Plus subscribers has been extended until Thursday (22)

This PS Plus subscription discount for new subscribers is still valid on the PS Store. Sony has extended the duration of the offer so that more people can take advantage of the promotion. look here🇧🇷