Anti-Trump group launches buying Fox News ad

The group’s billboard read, “Thank you Rep. Kensinger for his defense of the constitution.”

The efforts by Republicans who have never before Trump come as lawmakers who condemned the former president face consequences in Washington and a homecoming in terms of their votes. The Republican Party in Wyoming has criticized Representative Liz Cheney for her move to impeach Trump, and some Republicans in the House of Representatives tried to remove her from the position of conference president, but to no avail. In Pennsylvania, local parties blamed Senator Pat Tome and the state commission is planning a meeting that insiders said would discuss the same punishment.

Olivia Troy, co-director of the Republican Accountability Project, said: “It’s really important, to thank those Republicans who took a real stand against Trump and took advantage of opportunities that were clearly difficult and will remain difficult.” “I have seen them being censored by their parties in their states and districts, the dynamics that are coming, the hate and anger that you see from some supporters against them.”

Troy said the organization is targeting voters on Fox News because “there is a whole bunch of Republican voters at the moment who don’t agree with what happened,” as well as Trump voters who “gave them the January 6 uprising a pause.”

The Republican Accountability Project said it will defend all House and Senate members who have sacked or condemned Trump as part of his campaign, including those who retire or were not elected in 2022.

The group hopes to be able to influence the midterm elections, in part, by encouraging anti-Trump Republicans to run for office, including in conflicting states like Pennsylvania.

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“It’s really part of the overall goal of the Republic Accountability Project, which is to encourage people who are not MAGA members out there, to encourage incumbent Conservatives and Initial Republicans to run and participate, and to know that we will be there in 2022 and 2024,” Troy said.

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