December 8, 2022
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Antonia Fontnell says the controversy with Clara Castanho made her lose the election

Published May 10, 2022 14:14

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After he was not elected as a federal representative in these elections, Antonia Fontenelle Try to find out the reasons for his defeat at the polls. In a live broadcast on her YouTube channel, she vented about the moment.

The first reason raised by the blogger is that she took a stand against Mariana Ferrer, who claims that she was raped by a wealthy businessman, but was defeated in court.

“Some people hate me because I did not support Mariana Ferrer. As? Justice proved that Mariana Ferrer was not raped. So just because she is a woman should I support Mariana Ferrer?”, he fired.

She also said she was not elected because she “has not given up on the truth and pointed out the error.” The former Globo actress also said she was hurt by the fact that she was “telling the truth and bringing up scary topics.”

The Clara Castanho case

According to the announcer, the actress is the other “culprit” in Antonia’s defeat Clara Brown. Without being able to name the artist, Fontnell said that exposing her opinion on the young woman’s rape and childbirth case has hurt her a lot in recent months.

“I didn’t mention names because I’m a woman, I said: ‘I don’t have the right to name the name, but the situation is.’ The situation is very strange, it is very dangerous. Surprisingly it is being nurtured, with so many lawyers suing me, it puts everything in secret from justice, civil and criminal complaints by threat,” he said.

Clara breathed out in a speech open to the public in June, in which she said she was raped by a man and ended up getting pregnant with the criminal. She said she chose to give up the baby for adoption. However, the hospital staff who performed the delivery disclosed this to the press.

Her accusation says I threatened her. And more will come, because it is nurtured. But no one asks where the rapist is, no one cares. He hurt me ”, criticized the ex-wife of Marcos Paulo (1951-2012).

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