May 28, 2023

Antonio La Silva catches Erin in bed with another man, gets mad at ‘horn’ and unmasks villain, columnist reveals


Gradually, the mask of Daniel’s mother (Johnny Massaro) will start to fall off.

Images: Reproduction/Globo

in Earth and passionErin (Gloria Pierce) will show that she really has no scruples. Always fooling around with her husband, Antonio La Silva (Tony Ramos), the vixen will show off her “claws” and put a pair of horns on the farmer. The rich woman’s position will also affect her daughter, Petra (Deborah Osorio). It is because the villain is going to sleep with Luigi (Rainer Cadet), their relationship. Miss Black Ribbon.

After seducing Petra and Gladys (Leona Cavalli), Irene is pursued by a so-called Italian. Ax will have an affair with Daniel’s (Johnny Massaro) mother, and at a certain point in Walcyr Carrasco’s series, Antonio will catch the lovers.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Antonio catches Irene and Luigi in bed

As reported by journalist Andre Romano, from the Observatório da TV portal, Caio’s father (Kawa Raymon) will be puzzled and angry when he catches his wife in bed with his daughter’s boyfriend. However, the sequence in question does not yet have expectations for broadcasting.

Irene is the villain of the telenovela

Also according to Roman, The villain in the primetime action is in fact the character Gloria Perez. “The real villain of the story is Irene. It is she who gives Antonio ideas to destroy Aline. It is Irene who will blame all the events on Kayo, which causes the father to become even more angry at his son. Irene will also harm other townspeople. But she has an advantage: she is loved by her son, Daniel, who considers her the best mother in the world.It will be an excerpt from the text of Walser.

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