“Any little cries pressed against each other”: a history of the end of life

«De tout petits cris serrés les uns contre les autres»: une histoire de fins de vie

In any small cries pressed against each other, author Mary Clark is moving away from what she calls ” the alien “, being skinned alive that do not fit in any mold of current society as the youngest of her three previous novels to turn to a theme much more universal : the death and the grief that surrounds it.

“To me it is an important topic to address, but we don’t usually because it’s scary, it hurts, is of the opinion the Suttonaise. Yet talk about it precisely allows to demystify death, to tame, to realize that this is actually not that bad. “

Through the character of Julie, Mary Clark invites readers to ” an exploration of the end-of-life “. Volunteer in a hospice, her protagonist, we will present “a kaleidoscope of portraits, sensitive, vibrant and touching” fifty residents that it will be accompanied, interspersed with reflections and questionings personal presented more in the form of a diary.

Over the chapters, we met Réjeane, Michel, Yvon, Julie-Anne, Suzanne and many others. “All these characters are not there by chance, they represent a theme that I wanted to address,” says the author.

«De tout petits cris serrés les uns contre les autres»: une histoire de fins de vie

“A mother who was just 40 years old and who is not ready at all to not see her children grow up ; a man so in love with his wife that he refuses to begin his mourning to not feel his / her sentence ; how a big family dispute that has lasted for several years can unravel on a bed of death, etc “, gives it as an example.

Through this bunch of characters, Julie walks into a mourning that she drags out for a long time and had not yet been done, leaves also know Ms. Clark.

“An ode to life “

The idea of writing small cries pressed against each other is not the result of chance. The author has had, in recent years, accompanied some close friends in this ultimate stage of life. “I imagine that writing this book was to be part of my process for making my grief. Death is according to me THE greatest mystery of life, and when one is confronted with, it is often with many more questions than answers to our reflections and questions. “

Yet, despite the apparent heaviness of the subject, Marie Clark presents us with a book of light, ” an ode to the life that defies the taboo surrounding its end “, said in XYZ editor.

“What I have primarily realized by accompanying my relatives there, it is that one is alive until the very end. We feel emotions, as we reflect, we love until our last breath. And that death is only a way of closing the loop, ” adds the one who is also a lecturer in creative writing at the University of Montréal and conducts writing workshops throughout Quebec.

Small cries huddled against the other will be available in bookstores on the 13th of February next.

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