February 2, 2023

Apple and Meta are out of the list of the best companies in the United States

Work site glass door listed the best companies to work for in 2023. To many people’s surprise, two of the biggest companies in Technique From the United States they were not among them.

The platform uses anonymous employee feedback to build the list. Check out why Apple and Meta aren’t on GlassDoor’s list.

Apple and the Meta: See what happened to the tech giants

Since 2009, Glassdoor has been publishing the results of its research. This joint article does not only list the best companies to work for weas well as in other countries.

Among the questions that were asked to the employees were the advantages and benefits of working in the company they work for. In addition, participants are asked about the transparency and flexibility offered by the employer, as well as the economic prospects.

Participant responses on Glassdoor are collected anonymously until the entire system is validated. In the most recent survey, about a thousand WorkersResponses were collected between October 19, 2021 and October 17, 2022.

Some companies have remained on the list during the platform’s 15 years of operation, including Bain & Company and Google. Apple, in turn, showed a decrease in position between 2021 and 2022, moving from 31st to 51st.

However, in the previous lists An apple was present, as well as Mita, the owner of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, which was already number one in the top 100. The surprise was that neither of them were present in the 2023 edition.

Among the possibilities that justify the exit of the two large companies from the classification, the specialists mention the difficulty of companies dealing with employees during the Corona virus pandemic. COVID-19.

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