February 8, 2023

Apple is talking about a defect in the iPhone 14 Pro screen!

the iPhone 14 Pro, which was found on the Apple website for 9,500 riyals, led to complaints from users when they noticed an error on the screen causing horizontal lines to appear. The good news is that Apple has already recognized the bug and the company promises to fix it soon with a software update. See more on this topic throughout the article.

iPhone 14 Pro error

iPhone 14 Pro, one of the most expensive iPhones on the market, had screen errors that left its users very concerned, but the good news is that the error has already been noticed by the company, which, through an official statement, promises that it will be easily resolved through the update. software.

In addition, in the official note, the company stated that it had launched investigations to find out the cause of the error and testified that the problem is not related to the hardware of the device, so a software update would solve the problem.

The fact that the problem is not related to the hardware has brought great relief to the users, after all, no one would need to change any part of their hardware, let alone send the device to technical assistance.

What is the cause of the error?

Not all users had problems with this error, Apple has realized that the problem only affects users with the latest iOS versions.

The company has not released any specific information about what the update will be. However, it should be noted that the complaints about the error started from iOS 16.2 which happened at the end of 2022.

How does the glitch work?

Users reported that the error is related to green and yellow horizontal lines that appear only for a few seconds when the screen is turned on.

iOS 16.2 releases

The company is focused on developing iOS 16.3, so a bug fix may not come as quickly, but a more advanced 16.2 update with a fix for this bug should be soon.

Moreover, many users of the iOS version also reported other types of issues that they haven’t encountered yet.