September 21, 2023
Apple may be responsible for making foldable devices at Samsung

Apple may be responsible for making foldable devices at Samsung

If you’ve been following industry rumors, you know that one of the major news that has been in the spotlight is the possibility that Apple will launch a foldable smartphone soon. But to what extent can this affect the market?

In an opinion piece by SamMobile writer, Abhijit Mishrashares the idea that Apple’s entry into the foldable game may be the necessary card for these devices to really take off, and into consumers’ pockets.

To say this, other movements that have taken place in the world of technology have been noted.

While Android has had a system of custom feedback on notifications for a long time, it took Apple to play the game to see the developers really care about this feature.

But this is not limited to software. In the hardware section, for example, what was the manufacturer’s move when seeing Apple remove the headphone jack? After several advertisements critical of Apple, there they were taking the same path…

The number of examples extends. Just look at the Windows notebook batteries that have increased battery life to rival MacBooks; Or even for some manufacturers who are already planning to adopt the dynamic island, which debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro, on their Android devices.

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The truth is that Apple is almost always late in adopting new technologies – although fans of the brand report that this is the result of research to improve these features before introducing them to the general public – and this should not be any different in the folds.

But it’s also the fact that sometimes only Apple’s strength and influence are able to forge a new direction.

So we probably won’t see a really strong influx of making these devices have real advantages over the “standard” form factor, offering more than just a bigger screen or a more compact chassis, until the brand decides to launch its own foldable.