July 22, 2024

Apple no longer requires masks in some US stores

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Funcionário de uma Apple Store usando máscara
Funcionário de uma Apple Store usando máscara

Since the onset of the new corona virus infection, anyone has been visiting Apple Store Wearing a mask, which is considered by experts to be essential in protecting against the Govit-19 virus.

Breaking this obligation In November last year (But I’ll be back next monthWith the advancement of the Ômicron variant, Maçã is once again welcoming customers without masks to its stores in the United States.

As stated in it BloombergApple has announced a change of staff in qualified stores and updated its website to indicate which locations are no longer needed.

Even if not mandatory, the company will continue to encourage the use of products that protect customers – including on-demand delivery. In addition (even for example), all employees wear masks regularly.

This change applies to states that have already relaxed the rules for using masks, so it should only be mandatory for Apple customers (such as Hawaii, for example) in areas with strict guidelines. In New York, the application will be optional for vaccinated customers.

Return Today at Apple

Apple has warned its employees about upcoming sessions Today at AppleSessions where the company provides customers with tips on how to use the company’s tools and software – Suitable for anyone who has just purchased a device or wants to explore a particular topic.

According to reports, there will be sessions this week at some Apple stores. Among others, the return is scheduled for March, The month when the company has to launch new devices.

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