February 1, 2023

Apple TV Plus is giving out a Christmas gift to non-subscribers

Apple TV Plus is offering the Peanuts A Charlie Brown Christmas holiday special for free. The work will be available for a limited time, eliminating the need to sign up for the service.

In the United States, the special was televised. However, in 2022, the screen will be limited to Apple’s streaming platform thanks to an agreement signed between the two companies. The brief recounts Charlie’s quest to discover the “true meaning” of Christmas.

Until when is it available?

According to the company, free access to the material will be available until December 25, and it will be possible to reproduce it on any device from Apple and competing companies. This includes compatibility with Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and some other smart TV models.

Those interested in a subscription to Apple’s streaming service must spend the monthly amount of BRL 14.90 to access the company’s full catalog of movies, series, and original productions. As with competitors, it is possible to take advantage of the 7-day or three-month trial by purchasing a branded device and redeeming the offer within 90 days.

December releases

Apple’s streaming platform will add several more works to its catalog in December, with highlights being:

  • Slow Horse (season 2)🇧🇷
  • Release🇧🇷
  • Little America 🇧🇷the second season🇧🇷

In addition, products focused on the Christmas season will also be present in December:

  • story time🇧🇷
  • Pretzel and puppies🇧🇷
  • Snoopy and the gang🇧🇷
  • I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown🇧🇷
  • Charlie Brown: Christmas Carols🇧🇷
  • Boy, mole, fox and horse🇧🇷