January 29, 2023
"Approximately R$70 million...";  The nation discovers Messi's apprentice Fly offer quoted from a World Cup advertisement

“Approximately R$70 million…”; The nation discovers Messi’s apprentice Fly offer quoted from a World Cup advertisement


The player is Argentina’s highlight at the FIFA World Cup and could have worn the holy mantle in 2022

Ageive / Pedro Martins - Messi's student almost went to Flamengo
Ageive / Pedro Martins – Messi’s student almost went to Flamengo

Argentina beat Mexico on Saturday (26), in a match that deserved the Brotherhood’s survival in the World Cup. If he had lost, Messi would have said goodbye to the biggest selection tournament early on. What crowd Flamingo I would not have imagined that, many kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the confrontation would be decided by a midfielder He was about to step on Javea🇧🇷

Enzo Fernandez He’s only 21 years old and he made it to the World Cup as one of the favorites for the tournament’s scouting award. Currently at Benfica, the defensive midfielder has been training at River Plate and is starting to play in Europe later this year. Already in the fifth match wearing the colors of his country, namely in the World Cup, Enzo helped achieve the 2-0 defeat against Mexico, after Nice kick at the entrance to the area. The nation’s surprise after the final whistle was to find out For another 4 million euros, Messi’s apprentice can be counted on🇧🇷

According to journalist Kahi Mota, The Red-Black has offered up to €12m for Enzo Fernández, about 67 million riyals. However, the Argentine went on to play in Lisbon from a €16m offer from Benfica. The speaker highlighted the athlete’s performance in protecting the sector also covered by the wings, which is one of the positions the Rio team is looking for in 2023.

on the world wide web, The crowd’s reaction was dismay.🇧🇷 After deciding a World Cup match, I multiplied Flamenco players He lamented that the fast player with his powerful finishing did not agree. What could be a boost to the nation is that four more players from the club are still playing in the FIFA tournament. Last Friday (25) right back Guillermo Varela He became the only one in red and black who entered the field in the first round of the group stage. The hope of 48 million fans now is to see the participation of Pedro, Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaita.

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