December 5, 2023
Arascaeta discovers Velez's "own plan" to try to stop the Uruguayan champion: "We know that..."

Arascaeta discovers Velez’s “own plan” to try to stop the Uruguayan champion: “We know that…”


The fame of the number 14 of the player Robro Negro breaks barriers and the Argentine national team is preparing a team against the midfielder

Agif / Jorge Rodrigues - Arrascaeta teases Vélez's own strategy
© 1955Agif / Jorge Rodrigues – Arrascaeta teases Vélez’s own strategy

a flamingo He is preparing to face Velez Sarfield in the semi-finals of the Libertadores. Robro Negro enters Jose Mavitani’s Studio on Wednesday (31), at 9:30 p.m., with the goal of sending the spot to the final of the continental competition. The nation was happy to hear about David Louise Healingwho, despite not having a confirmed place in the starting line-up, travels with the delegation to Argentina.

If Flamengo’s mayor does not enter the field, who should replace him is defender Fabricio Bruno. The defender has recently become the darling of the red-and-black crowd, with an emphasis on the safety it gives the player to the goal defended by Santos. While the work at that time was done coldly, At the front, Pedro and Arascaeta lead the Carioca team.

Uruguay has collected 19 assists this season, one of the highest goals in the world. To reach the quarter-finals of the Libertadores, Arascaeta was decisive against Corinthians, in the previous stage. A superb goal in the first leg and a pass to Pedro in the Maracana, No. 14 in Javea scares the Velez team. However, midfielder Nicolas Garayaldi revealed to ESPN about it The Argentines are preparing a special strategy to score in Arrascaeta.

“We know not leaving spaces for them would be a major point in this series. No, it didn’t (information about Arscita being a pioneer in 2022). I know how he plays, we will be careful and know how to neutralize him”reveals by Nicholas Garayaldi, of Velez Sarsfield.

It is common to see rivals mocking the internet and asking European clubs to sign Arascaeta. The player stage is really impressive and puts fear into the teams that will face him. Although some players flamingo Interested in teams from the Old Continent, the Uruguayan has not considered leaving Rio de Janeiro in this transfer window. Arrascaeta’s head in 2022 is strictly in the Rubro-Negro and Uruguay national team, with who You are going to play in the World Cup of Fightinga.