July 22, 2024

Are cats mentally ill? The study decided to analyze the matter in depth

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Are cats mentally ill?  The study decided to analyze the matter in depth
Are cats mentally ill?  The study decided to analyze the matter in depth

Cats are certainly some of the most mysterious of all that can be kept indoors. According to information from the Meganotícias website, there is a test that indicates the possible presence of “psychologically disturbed” tendencies in cats.

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Calm down, because the chances of that happening, according to the portal, are remote. However, the instrument used to measure cats’ psychopathy was developed by a group of scientists from the University of Liverpool and John Morris University. The name of the procedure is CAT-Tri +.

The study is used to measure psychopathy in cats

According to the scientists, the tool uses a specific scale to assess the behavior of cats. The goal is to understand those who have some kind of defect in their personality, which can cause them to show signs of “evil”.

“It is likely that all cats have a level of psychopathy, where it was previously beneficial for their ancestors to have access to resources such as food, territory, or mating opportunities,” explained lead author of the study, Rebecca Evans, in a report in The Daily. Mail.

How does the measurement work?

Scientists sent several questions to cat owners to understand what each cat’s personality looked like. “We believe that like any other personality trait, psychopathy is a continuum, with some cats scoring higher than others,” added Rebecca.

It is possible to highlight five of the questions that owners were asked to measure psychopathy in cats. Depending on the answer given in each, levels can go up or down. However, only responsible scientists are able to understand the appropriate accuracy.

Out of curiosity, check out the main test questions:

– My cat stays in high places, such as doors and windows or the last step of a ladder;

– My cat is torturing its prey instead of killing it on the spot;

My cat dominates the other cats in the house or neighborhood. beat them, frighten them, or just fight them;

My cat purrs while attacking people or other animals;

My cat dominates me, attacks me, stalks me, hits me or growls.”

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