June 4, 2023

“Are you laughing, my love?” ; Glove Pedreiro appears in video of alleged affair and deletes content after fallout

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Glove de Pedreiro may have had a relationship with biologist Távila Gomes

© Playback / Instagram / @luvadepedreiroGlove de Pedreiro has yet to form his relationship with the biologist in charge

Construction glove He is one of the influencers with the highest numbers among Brazilian content creators. The young man gained popularity Social media And produced contracts with famous brands. Because of this, the boy’s personal life has come under the spotlight.

And everything took new developments after, on Monday (1), Luva published a video in the company of Tavella Gomez. The biologist has already posted a picture next to the influencer on Stories. In the photo, the two of them appear together with romantic music in the background, which sparked rumors of a possible affair between the two.

Glove de Pedreiro may have had a relationship with biologist Távila Gomes.

In the new video, Tavella calls out Construction glove By affectionate nickname. “Are you laughing darling?!Despite all the cheers, the digital influencer deleted the video after its fallout, suggesting that both of them would prefer not to be discreet at first.

Obviously, the young man’s followers did not let the video go unnoticed and are already in favor of making the relationship official as soon as possible. “What do you mean by mason glove dates?One netizen asked. It’s official: Mason glove is loveannounced another.

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