September 24, 2023
'Are you nervous?'  路 the news

‘Are you nervous?’ 路 the news

Barbara Burgess Take advantage of the farmer’s hat to punish Deolane Bezerra in farm 14馃嚙馃嚪 The actress handed out assignments on Thursday morning (10) and gave the lawyer a bite as she put her in the care of a cow. “are you nervous?”

鈥淭here is a lot of work ahead. Petal [Barreiros] On the cow, which you haven’t done yet. To accompany, I am sure, she will be very happy, because they are partners, inseparable friends, P茅tala and Deolane 鈥, photos of the artist.

When trying to put files Pia Miranda But in Birds, Babi got the opposite, as Gretchen’s granddaughter had already done the job before. The rule is that as long as all the confined people don’t go through the job, it can’t be duplicated.

“You can’t, it’s in the manual, there are people here who haven’t done that yet,” Dylan warned. 鈥淏ut most of them have already done it. Pia will stay in the birds and whatever they do [produ莽茫o] Change 鈥, as per the farmer鈥檚 decision. But then, the program team alerted her and she had to change the order.

“Oh, that’s stupid! Give it a zero! Want to help translate?” , Provoking the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021). “Pia will stay at the Llama, and Strawberry Shortcake [Ellen Cardoso]Barbara reflected in the bird. “Oh, poor thing, it won’t be the way you want it to be,” Duolin馃嚙馃嚪 鈥淭his is the real thing,鈥 the actress returned.

See below how the tasks were divided:

  • cow and bull: Petal and Deolane
  • horse: Deborah Albuquerque
  • llamas: bei
  • Sheep: Alex Gallett
  • pigs: Melfloz pellet
  • Garden and vegetable plants: Andre Marinho
  • the birds: small strawberry
  • waste: Petal Barreiros

Check it out below:

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