May 28, 2023

Arena MRV: schedule and where to watch the opening of the Atlético Stadium

Arena MRV will become Atlético’s new home (Photo: Disclosure/Arena MRV)

The opening of the MRV Arena, which begins at 8 am this Saturday (15/4), has a very unifying name: “Nascimento do Campo.” The event at the Atlético Stadium will feature concerts, tributes, marking of match lines, installation of goal posts and first shots on goal. See below, the full schedule and where to watch the “debut” of the new House Rooster.

MRV Arena opening schedule

The first inaugural times are set at 13 minutes on each hour, indicated by the number which is the club’s symbol. The field and playground will open at 8:13am and 9:13am respectively, while the event will start at 10:13am.

The authorities will be the first to speak through speeches. After that, the lines of the field and the beams will be marked, followed by goal kicks, which will be awarded by the black and white idols Ubaldo and Vava.

In addition to the attractions, visitors will be able to interact with sponsors. Brahma will own dedicated booths, ArcelorMittal will distribute gifts, and Inter will promote activities and dynamics with gifts.

See the full table:

  • 8:13 a.m.: The arena door opens
  • 9:13 a.m.: MRV Arena gates open
  • 10:13: Beginning of the “Birth of the Field” event
  • 10:30 am: Speeches by the authorities
  • 11:10: Mark the field lines
  • 11:40: Installation of goalposts and kicks
  • 12:10: Last show (Sambô and Aline Calixto)

How to buy tickets

Tickets were available until Friday night (4/14), when Arena MRV announced, through their social networks, that tickets were sold out. Therefore, 9 thousand people are expected to be present in the stadium, which is the maximum capacity for the event.

When selling tickets, Arena MRV and GNV members had special preference and discounts after registering or logging into the platform.

Arena MRV, GNV Forte and Vingador members and Atlético advisors bought them at a 70% discount. Black, Silver, and White GNV members received discounts of 65%, 60%, and 50%, respectively. For the general public, tickets cost R$599, and up to three tickets per CPF were sold.

Those who bought Gallo’s home opening ticket were courtesy of the upper red sector to accompany Atlético’s debut in the Brazilian championship. Gallo will also face Vasco on Saturday, at 21pm, in Mineirão.

Where to watch the opening of the Atlético stadium

Fans can watch the opening of the MRV Arena on Atlético’s YouTube channel, GaloTV. Only the final show will not be broadcast. Click here to access the video.

MRV Arena opening events

Although “Nascimento do Campo” is considered the opening of the MRV Arena, the stadium has already hosted another event on March 25 of this year.

On this date, Atlético celebrated its 115th anniversary with an ecumenical service in place. Among the directors, board members, staff and guests, about 1,500 people attended.

What are the other stadium opening events?
  • 3/25 – Test event to celebrate Atlético’s 115th anniversary
  • 4/15 – “Nascimento do Campo” – performances and honoring of idols, marking of pitch lines, installation of goalposts and first shots on goal
  • No date set – Arrepia BH (opening lighting system with landscape effects)
  • No date set – Lendas do Galo (game exhibition with Galo idols and concert by singer Zeca Pagodinho)
  • No date set – Official Opening (Atlético’s friendly against an international team)
  • No date set – Sacode BH (concerts by artists such as Ivete Sangalo, César Menotti, Fabiano and the Jota Quest group, plus global appeal)