February 6, 2023

Argentina 1 x 3 Brazil, South American U-20 match

Brazil once again showed its attacking power, beating Argentina 3 to 1 and sinking its rival into the Group A table. South America U20. Ramon Menezes’ team achieved their second victory in a row and secured their rank in the tournament, while the Argentines did not add points and are in second place – the top three in the group advance to the hexagon after five matches (see situation in the table below).

  • The match was played at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in Cali.
  • Brazil opened the scoring quickly with Peru and Argentina saw off shortly thereafter.
  • Michael, who Athletesaved a penalty kick taken by Infantino and made other good saves;
  • Andrey doubled and Vitor Roque doubled, with González eventually scoring the goal of the Argentine honour.

curiousity: Javier Mascherano, the former midfielder who is now the coach of Argentina, wore a uniform with only two stars on the shield – the South American national team won the World Cup and They have already updated the triple symbol on the shirts of the under-20 players.

goals and highlights

0x1. Brazil opened the scoring after 7 minutes. Marlon Gomez took advantage of the rebound on the side that was thrown into the area, disarmed the Genies, and kicked the goal without an angle. Gerth extended it to the middle and Corinthian Peru hit the Argentine net with a category: 1 to 0.

Shine, Mikael! Needing a draw to reduce the loss on the table, Mascherano’s team launched a quick attack on goalkeeper Mikael. First, the youngster surprised Atlético with a header on the crossbar, and shortly thereafter awarded Fernandez a penalty kick. On the kick, however, he avoided Infantino’s goal by blocking the shot with his right foot.

0x2. After the panic, Brazil returned to control the duel and the score increased in chaos as the ball went out to the Argentines. Bush picked it up from behind and put it back at the feet of … Andrei. Previous-Basque Started, he was in front of the opposing goalkeeper and scored 2 to 0.

There should be no confusion… As it happens in the professionals, the climate has intensified between the Argentines and the Brazilians. From the first minute, the players did not pull their leg in the tackles and tackles. Despite the pushes and provocations, Uruguayan Gustavo Tejera managed to maintain control of the match.

0x3. In another mistake in the Argentine exit, Vitor Roque stole the ball and Di Lulu dropped it inside the area. Calmly, he removed the striker Gerth and gave the final figures for the match: 3 to 0.

1 x 3. Argentina managed to reduce their size with González, who tapped in a cross from a free kick and beat Mikael with a header.

How was the table?

a group

  1. Paraguay – 7 points (3 matches)
  2. Brazil – 6 points (2 matches)
  3. Colombia – 4 points (2 matches)
  4. Argentina – 0 points (2 matches)
  5. Peru – 0 points (3 matches)

data sheet

Argentina 1×3 Brazil – Third round of Group A in the South American U-20 Championship

date and time: January 23, 2023, 9:30 PM (Brasilia time)
Place: Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in Cali (Colombia)
Rule: Gustavo Tejera (URU)
Assistants: Andrés Nievas (URU) and Hora Ferreiro (URU)
Yellow cards: Gomez, Velez, Di Lulu, Pironi (Argentina); Michael, Giovanni (Brazil)
Red cards:
Objectives: Guilherme Biro (BRA), at minute 7 of the first half; Andre (Brazil), at the 35th minute of the first half; Vitor Roque (Brazil), on 42 minutes into the second half; Gonzalez (Argentina), in the 44th minute of the second half

Argentina: Giay (Ciccioni), Di Lollo, Gómez and Génez (Encinas); Peroni, Gonzalez and Infantino (Nico Paz); Fernandez (Velez), Aguirre (Castro) and Maestro Bosch. Technical: Javier Mascherano

Brazil: Mikael. Arthur, Jean, Robert Renan and Patrick (Louis Guilherme); Andre (Kiki), Alexandre (Ronald), Marlon Gomez and Guilherme Pirro (Pedrinho); Giovanni (Stigno) and Vitor Roque. Technical: Ramon Menezes