November 28, 2022
Argentina beat Paraguay in the Women's Copa America and go to Cuba

Argentina beat Paraguay in the Women’s Copa America and go to Cuba

With a dramatic right of return, Argentina beat Paraguay 3-1 today, to finish third in the Copa America Women’s Championship, and qualified for the 2023 World Cup.

Romina Nunez (against) opened the scoring for Paraguay at the Centenario Stadium in Armenia, Colombia. Yamila Rodriguez (twice) and Florencia Bon Segundo switched to Argentina.

So Argentina national teamThe third place took the third and last place in the World Cup competition, which will be held from July 20 to August 20, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. This will be the fourth time for the Argentines in the tournament among the national teams.

Paraguay is still looking for its first entry in the competition by replay – divided into three groups, two by three teams and one by four, which separate two spots for Asia, Africa, Central and North America and South America; And one for Oceania and Europe.

In addition, the other two World Cup qualifiers are Brazil and Colombia who will play the Copa América final on Sunday at 21:00 (Brazilian time). In addition, the Brazilian and Colombian teams have secured a place in the next Olympics, in 2024, in Paris, France.

The duel between Argentina and Paraguay

After a good arrival from both sides, the Paraguay national team made more risks and took more risks on the opponent’s goal. Thus, in the 38th minute, Jessica Martinez received a pass and hit hard. However, the ball was deflected off the crossbar by goalkeeper Fanina Correa.

In a corner kick, Limpia Carigandos threw the ball himself and deflected it into the second post. Argentinian midfielder Romina Nunez tried to get away, but ended up playing against her own net and scoring, opening the scoring in the match.

Upon the return of the break, Argentina changed their stance and went on the offensive. Three minutes later, he scared the ball with a shot on the crossbar, and at seven, Yamila Rodriguez made a beautiful move, but the kick was blocked.

Five minutes later, Paraguay responded. Once again, ten Jesica Martinez got a pass at the entrance to the area and fired a right kick. The ball, once again, exploded on the crossbar. This time, without deflection the goalkeeper.

Turn in the last extension of the second half

When the match looked like it wouldn’t have the same amount of emotion, Argentina equalized. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Yamila Rodriguez received a throw and faced goalkeeper Bobadilla head-on. Then the 11 jersey touched Archer’s exit and everything was left as it is in Armenia.

Then it was the sisters’ turn in overtime. In the 45th minute, Florencia Bon Segundo kicked a free kick from the edge of the area into a corner from Bobadilla. The goalkeeper, who had already taken a step to the side, could not recover and the ball died in the back of the net.

Finally, a minute later, Yamila Rodriguez was again placed deep and ran out against the Paraguayan goalkeeper in a move very similar to the Argentine’s first goal. The 11th jersey, this time, dribbled past Bobadilla to make it 3 to 1 and secure Argentina’s place in the World Cup.