July 22, 2024

Argentina president apologizes for secret party; The opposition demands accountability | Globalism

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Argentina president apologizes for secret party;  The opposition demands accountability |  Globalism
Argentina president apologizes for secret party;  The opposition demands accountability |  Globalism

However, when there was an expectation in the country of an apology and even self-report in court, Fernandez downplayed the violation of social isolation rules and chose to blame his wife.

“I’m sorry about what happened,” the president said. “It won’t happen again.”

The event could have taken place while a decree he signed was in effect, banning meetings and the movement of people while requiring the wearing of masks and social distancing.

“Fabula [YaƱez, primeira-dama] He called a meeting to have a toast with friends what he should have done. “I definitely realize I shouldn’t have done that,” Fernandez said.

Representative Mario Negri, Leader of the Opposition in the Chamber and one of the authors dismissal requestAnd he criticized the Argentine president: “It is not a man to blame his wife. It was not an oversight,” he said.

“The president did not explain why he lied to Argentines by refusing social gatherings and getting deeper into his maze,” Negri said.

“Apologizing for a crime was not enough. However, the president only said he felt sorry as if it was enough,” opposition deputy Facundo Suarez added.

inequality before the law

The photo, from July 14, 2020, the birthday of the first lady, Fabiola Yanez, reveals a secret party without any protective measures. In the photo 11 people, plus the person who took the photo, around a table with dinner, birthday cake and champagne.

At the time, the government announced that “the first lady’s birthday, as it is in the midst of a pandemic, will be ‘zoomed up’ and masks worn.” The ad was accompanied by a solitary photo of Fabiola Yanez with flower arrangements.

The truth that has now been revealed is not the only evidence of wrongdoing. The release of the list of attendees at the Presidential Residence, during the peak of reservations in Argentina, includes a series of guests during the night of Alberto Fernandez’s birthday, on April 2, 2020.

And there are records of dozens of visits by hairdressers to the first lady while in the country, hairdressers were forced to remain closed for seven months.

The president’s dog received dozens of training courses while state schools remained closed. Dozens of guests went to the presidential residence when the circulation of meetings that could actually have taken place was banned.

Admitting a party to a full quarantine exposes Alberto Fernandez to the legal consequences provided for in the decrees he himself announced, having co-wrote them as president and as a criminal attorney.

Criminal, political and ethical investigation

Articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, which Alberto Fernandez refers to in each new announcement to renew imprisonment, provide for prison sentences from six months to two years for those who violate measures that prevent the emergence or spread of an epidemic, and more. A year in prison for disobeying an authority.

“I want the fools to tell them that the smart Argentina are gone,” Fernandez said a few days before his wife’s party. “We are talking about people’s health and I will not allow them to do what they want. Anyone who does not adhere to the quarantine will be criminally prosecuted,” he added.

Patricia Bullrich, an opposition leader, questioned the work ethic and preservation of Alberto Fernandez’s government.

“While the Argentines were in mandatory seclusion, the president took part in parties, violating the decrees he had set himself,” Bullrich said. “It’s a criminal issue, but it’s also a moral issue. How does a government survive without moral authority?”

The opposition filed a motion for dismissal on Friday (13) accusing Alberto Fernandez of underperforming and potentially committing crimes in the exercise of his duties.

“We propose the institutional process of political judgment against President Alberto Fernandez for poor performance in the management of the epidemic and the crime of violating the measures taken by the competent authorities to prevent the spread of the epidemic,” the text reads.

The impeachment order also includes other potential political crimes such as so-called “vaccine diplomacy”, which resisted the procurement of vaccines from US laboratories, and “VIP vaccines” that The privilege of immunizing politicians and friends To the authority without respecting the priority of groups at risk and health workers.

Chances of an impeachment proceeding are slim because the opposition does not have the necessary two-thirds of the votes in both the House and Senate. Opponents add only 137 of the 172 votes required in the House and 31 of the 48 required in the Senate.

The Prime Minister, Santiago Cafiero, called the underground party at the official residence a “mistake” and preferred to accuse the opposition of “politically taking advantage” of the situation during the election campaign for the legislative elections in November.

An infectious disease doctor, Pedro Caan, one of President Alberto Fernandez’s advisors at the time policy measures were set on a scientific basis, was disappointed as to who another example should be.

Compare Kahn “I haven’t seen my grandchildren and children for months. We’ve all suffered from limitations. My friends died without me being able to say goodbye.”

Argentina had the longest and strictest quarantine in the world for 233 days in 2020, but it did not prevent the infection of 5.074 million people and the death of 108,815 of them.

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