Ariana Grande: the singer blocked by Pete Davidson on the networks !

Ariana Grande: la chanteuse bloquée par Pete Davidson sur les réseaux !

Ariana Grande and pete Davidson are on good terms. But the actor would have decided to block her ex on social networks for self-preservation.

Ariana Grande is experiencing a huge success on music. But next to the heart, the young woman put an end to her relationship with Pete Davidson. And the sériation has apparently left some sequelae, for his ex the month. In fact, the young woman saw that Pete Davidson was blocked everywhere on the social networks. She can no longer see what he is doing. ERM you explained the reasons.

Ariana Grande blocked by her ex on the social networks !

In fact, nearly two months after the end of their relationship, Ariana Grande explained via social media that her ex, Pete Davidson has been blocked. The actor, 25-year-old has decided not to see his ex all over social media and especially on Instagram. And the star of the Saturday Night Live had released a message to respond to the haters. He didn’t understand why he had so many attacks against him, and even harassment.
Ariana Grande explained to a fan who was arrested in a private message on Twitter that she could not see the messages of hate that got Pete Davidson. And this because the latter has decided to block it on the social networks. “I haven’t seen anything been able to see any of it because I’m blocked, but I want you to know that I would never want to encourage this, you need to know about it. I like him a lot “, she wrote.

Apparently the two former would, therefore, be in good term but Pete felt the need to block the young woman. He wants to ” distance itself from all that surrounds [Ariana] for the good of his mental health “, has suggested last Tuesday, one close to the magazine Us Weekly.

Pete davidson: Ariana Grande to the dustbin !

In fact, While Ariana Grande was pulling a stroke final on Pete Davidson and pays tribute to Mac Miller. Her ex would have already remade his life if we are to believe the information released by the website E! News : “He comes out again with someone two months after his break-up. Pete is well. He has the chance to have an entourage that supports a lot following his separation. ”

“His friends continue to be there to make you laugh. And if he focuses solely on himself, he wishes all the best to Ariana. , “says a source close to him. Statements far from amazing since the young man had chosen to discuss their separation when he appeared in the SNL.
Unfortunately, the singer had been very hurt by his comments : “They had agreed not to talk about it in public. He has violated their agreement and this has been deeply wounded. Pete has preferred to laugh because it was his way of coping with their break-up. “. One thing is certain, they now seem to be happy on their own. In the meantime we wonder if Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are still in love despite their break-up?


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