December 3, 2022
Arthur argues with Pedro Scooby about the false wall

Arthur argues with Pedro Scooby about the false wall

The atmosphere was intense afterwards Forming the wall featuring Eliezer, Gustavo and Paulo Andre In the “BBB 22 inches (TV Globo). Arthur Aguiar again questioned his allies’ standards in not viewing his false wall as the hot seat the actor faces.

It all started when the brothers gathered in the kitchen and the actor remembers when his allies voted for him and, in his opinion, were comfortable with the decision to go with him.

Paolo Andre replied: “It’s not convenient. Inconvenient, but we had to find a standard, brother. Tell me what you want us to do?”.

Arthur replied, “One standard favors the four? What a madness. I was supposed to do that. Wasn’t it on the wall? A false wall is a wall. Every time Tadeo speaks, it’s a wall.” .

After that, Pedro Scobe entered the conversation and complained to the actor:

He always said that word [falso]. I’m not a BBB follower, bro. We can have different understandings and I think the coolest thing is to respect each other. Everyone has an opinion. How I respect so many of you,” he said.

“But so what, man? Still the wall,” the actor emphasized.

Scooby got up from the table and compared the slippers to the fake wall: “These are brand x slippers, but they are fake slippers. Are they brand x slippers? No, they’re still fake slippers.”

“Your comparison is ridiculous. I won’t even argue with you, it’s not worth it. You haven’t even lived what I have lived. It’s not even worth it. I’ve found a standard the four of them favored,” said Arthur.

However, the pair continued to argue about this issue.

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