September 30, 2023
Arthur Cabral says he wanted to play for Corinthians and explains why the deal didn't work out

Arthur Cabral says he wanted to play for Corinthians and explains why the deal didn’t work out

Corinthians started the 2022 season behind a powerful striker. Among the players speculated to be signed, Arthur Cabral has previously appeared in Basel, Switzerland, and today in Fiorentina. The 23-year-old admitted to the negotiations and explained why he thought he had not come close to Timão.

“I don’t know exactly what happened between Corinthians and Basel, but I think it’s about values. The numbers (from my trip to Fiorentina) are really high for the standard of Brazilian football. But I did not say no to the Corinthians. It was open to go back to the country‘, announced in an interview with Rafael Reis’ Blogfrom the gate UOL.

In the January transfer window, the player who spent time at Ceará and Palmeiras in Brazil was hired by the Italian side for more than R$90m. The change, according to him, is also related to the dream of defending the Brazilian national team in the World Cup in Qatar. The astronomical value of the purchase matches the striker’s performance in Basel. There he scored 67 goals in 108 matches.

When Arthur’s name was linked to a possible purchase of Club Parque São Jorge, President Duilio Monteiro Alves quickly tried to rule out the possibility. This is because It will be necessary to obtain the rights of the athlete, a high value that does not fit into the team’s pocket. The agent, at that time, Summarize recruitment as ‘impossible’stated that he made an inquiry to Basel, but had no positive response on the loan.

Corinth’s idea, until then, was to hire No. 9 for the season. However, even before his Paulista debut, Róger Guedes took over the number. Now, the Eastern District team’s priority is the coach, as Sylvinho’s sacking has already completed two weeks.

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