December 3, 2023
Arthur Elias praises Corinthians' performance, talks about Sileo's journey and anticipates the 2021 sequence

Arthur Elias praises Corinthians’ performance, talks about Sileo’s journey and anticipates the 2021 sequence

Having led Corinthians to the Brazilian Women’s Championship title three times, and thus, to an eighth title in nearly six years in the sport, coach Arthur Elias tore praise to his teammates.

In an interview with small field owner, Act GiveCaptain Alfinegro, who now has 125 wins in 151 games for Corinthians, highlighted the good performance of his team since 2016, when the sport was reinvigorated at Timao.

“If not for the most part, I think we are among the key teams in that aspect of the tactical differences, the dynamism of the game. Exhilarating football, fun to watch, effectiveness. I will not pretend to be humble. I think we really were a victorious team.” For this joint work of quality and dedication to our players,” the Corinthians coach stated.

Confidence in performing what you are training is essential. Athletes have a great knowledge of performing the workings of the game. At the beginning of the match, we struggled a bit, Palmeiras was better, we couldn’t take advantage of the spaces I gave them. But throughout the match we were able to improve on that, get more possession, and reach the goals. And we work for it, we make the best decisions and that comes from it, very calm and focused, the mental aspect is one of the components of our daily training. This monitoring and development has always been our goal.”

Arthur analyzed losses inflicted throughout the season. Three athletes left the club: the horizontal Paulinha, now in Portuguese football, and strikers Giovanna Crivelari and Gabi Nunes, both in Spanish football.

The method we used for a long time and it worked to get the whole cast. We have minutes well distributed in the group, and when there is an absence due to injury, call-up or final departure, as these players were crucial, the group was well prepared.. The other athletes had been preparing for a long time and were champions”

I think this method and their dedication, who play for merit and prepare very well every day, made the team continue well, with a high goal average, we corrected important defensive positions. The key is to prepare for the moment to win all the knockout matches, and that’s what we did. This shows how we are preparing for the best of the team this season.”

About the Brazilian national team

The latest call-up to Pia Sundhag’s style was the selection of five Corinthians: defender Erika, full back Jassim Tamiris, midfielder Andrecinha and striker Vic Albuquerque. Arthur Elias appreciated the continued presence of his players, but emphasized that more athletes could appear on the list.

The Brazilian team is the result of the work that the athlete does in the club. I think Villa was looking at a lot of matches and player ratings. I understand that the other athletes on my team deserve their chances. The level that Portillo was playing, Katie… Soon I think opportunities should appear to other athletes. They get there mentally and physically ready, and that adds experiences,” said the coach, who was also asked about the opportunity to lead the team.

I don’t think much, I think it has to do with other people’s decisions. It can happen, I feel ready to take on this position. But the choice is in good hands, business must continueIt’s time to develop it. Pia is an excellent coach, I’ve talked to her a lot, I try to help the team as much as I can. The biggest help we give is the work we do, but I don’t think about that. I think about what I do on a daily basis, keeping the athletes, our work environment, that we continue to represent Corinthians well, and that’s where I am and I’m very happy with everything that’s going on here,” explained Arthur Elias.

Honoring the woman and a sequel to the 2021 season

The Corinthians coach also took the opportunity to enhance the space provided by Corinthians and Nike to honor and highlight women’s football. Last Sunday, Timão appeared for the third time, in purple with black and gold details, indicating feminism. The shirt also features #RespeitaAsMinas, a campaign the club has undertaken over the years.

I found the Nike Club’s work very interesting to reveal about the percentage of fans. The club is able to explore this, but the important thing is the conquest of space. A late thing, which he still has a lot to conquer. Athletes know this, and those who work with women’s football know it too, but we hope it’s increasingly frequent spaces and that women’s football gets the respect it deserves. Women have always played, they have always been a part of it, and there is only one missing space. When it’s around, they’ve been shown to enjoy it. Arthur Elias commented before designing a sequel to the 2021 season that football can earn from actions like this.

After lifting the Brazilian Cup, Corinthians will now face the Campeonato Paulista dispute – the team share the lead with Santos, but initially because of the goal difference. In addition, in November, the Alvinegra team is looking for a three-time Libertadores championship.

Now we’re going to get Paulista back in control, try to keep the lead, win matches and get ready for the Libertadores. It’s the best setup we can get. I trust my group a lot, we are coming from a defeat in this competition, who was really hurt by the numbers and the performance we got, the way we lost. Let’s go look for that address. Athletes always have the mindset of wanting more‘ the coach concluded.

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