February 2, 2023
Arthur is disappointed with friends, and sets up his entire house in Xepa

Arthur is disappointed with friends, and sets up his entire house in Xepa

earlier this morning after the production ofBBB 22″ (TV Globo) announced the end of the party, Arthur decides to use one of his last cards available in the secret room. As I promisedthe former Rebelde placed the entire house in Xepa.

Loudly, he begged forgiveness from Paulo Andre, the current leader, and declared:

Brother, I’m sorry but I need to use all the cards because I want to use my flashback […] May be the leader’s test today [..] I’m sorry for my little brother, PA, who was the only one who stood by me, but had nothing to do, brother. I hope you understand there Arthur Agyar

Immediately upon returning home, the brothers were surprised by a message on the screen indicating internal maintenance.

BBB 22: Arthur used one of his powers this morning

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

Confused, the inmates return to the dance floor, and moments later, again, are notified by a watcher, requesting that the group be evacuated from the outside area.

With a message appearing on the screen, the participants were alerted of the punishment, and the production “voice” called them:

Attention, from this moment on, you are all in Xepa, until further notice. Including the leader, everyone, from now on, is in Xepa until further notice. Don’t touch anything in the commander’s room and in the VIP kitchen

The Palestinian Authority, in the last days of his rule, wondered what had happened, but got no answer.

But was it a punishment? Paulo Andre

Since her dismissal, Myra Cardi’s husband He regretted the positions of Gustavo, Pedro Scobe and Douglas Silva towards the supposed elimination. According to the brother, the sentence lasts only 5 hours.

Before using the card, Arthur used one of his powers to spy on the other’s confined conversation – But there’s only 15 minutes left before the party ends. The actor will be back in custody on Thursday at 1 p.m..

Who do you think should have gone into the secret room of “BBB 22”?


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