June 28, 2022
Arthur Pressures Eliezer after an unexpected response in Game of Discord TV News

Arthur Pressures Eliezer after an unexpected response in Game of Discord TV News

Arthur Agyar question Eliezer Netto After businessman Eslovênia Marques described him as his greatest nostalgia BBB 22 And the angle of Natalia Deodato. In the early hours of Tuesday morning (19), the actor admitted he was surprised by the fact that the booking fellow did not name the date.

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Myra Cardi’s husband commented outside the house: “I thought you’d say Natalya.” Eli then justified by using the question posed by Tado Schmidt as the reason for his decision. “But he talked about homesickness. I’m not homesick. Natalia. I left three days ago, five days ago…The lollipop survivor replied.

At another point in the conversation, Eli added, “I think it was homesickness. It made me homesick.” During the live show, confined Tado Schmidt wondered which sisters needed the most on the day to day show. Then the businessman mentioned the name Sloveniaignoring the fact that he starred in intimate moments with Natalia.

Douglas Silva said he misses Giselan Alves, the last woman to leave the competition for a prize of R$1.5 million; Paulo Andre Camilo admitted that he misses Jade Picon, with whom he had an affair while in confinement; Pedro Scobe also mentioned the name Jesse; Gustavo Marcingo defined Laís Caldas, his history, as the greatest nostalgia, and Arthur spoke of Eslô.

final stretch

With only six participants in the house, Big Brother Brasil 22 is approaching its last days. The reality show is set to end on April 26. So far, Arthur, Elizer, Douglas, Gustavo, Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe are still in contention for the R$1.5 million prize.

After eliminating Giseilan Alves, on Sunday (17), Scooby won the leader’s test and Eliezer pointed into the danger zone. As the most voted down by the Chamber of Deputies, Gustavo gained the power of a counter-coup and pulled Paulo Andre into the hot seat.

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