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Revue artistique de 2018

The past year has been rich in events of all kinds. Here are five that have caught our attention in the field of arts.

The dismissal of the dg of the Festival of the song

The news came just before the launch of the 50th Festival international de la chanson de Granby. On 14 September, it was announced that the general and artistic director of the event, Pierre Fortier, was suspended following an ” information relating to comments and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace “. It did not, it was stated, however, acts of a sexual nature.

In the face of these allegations, the board of directors of the Festival had returned to Mr. Fortier in his home, with pay, in the time that an investigation be conducted by a firm of human resources. A month later, the results of this survey have prompted administrators to put a definitive end to the contract of Pierre Fortier, who ran the Festival for the past 12 years. To date, the organization has still not made known to the person who will succeed him.

Revue artistique de 2018

The OSM in Granby


The OSM at the Palace de Granby

This 50th edition of the Festival of the song has nevertheless been spectacular. In the margins of the traditional component contest, the organization had invited the Granbyens to a multitude of intimate shows and large-scale held for 12 days in the four corners of the municipality. With an estimated number of 72,000 spectators, the FICG has beaten all its records support.

The highlight of the celebrations : the concert of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal presented in front of a Palace filled. Worn by a fifty musicians and an adult choir, the voice of Fabienne Thibeault, Luce Dufault, Marie-Denise Pelletier, Isabelle Boulay, Safia Nolin, Joanie Roussel and Émie Champagne have delighted the public.

This on-site that evening, the colleague Marie-Ève Lambert had not dried up praise or epithets on the quality of the show, calling it”unique”, “majestic”, “awe-inspiring” and “sumptuous”. How many music lovers have bitterly regretted having missed that appointment ? A lot.

Revue artistique de 2018

Dance village


Dance village

It was the wild dream of two girls in love of the dance and the region of Brome-Missisquoi. Through the project ” dancing village “, they wish to produce a professional quality video featuring citizens of Dunham, Frelighsburg and Cowansville in the process of jiggle on an original song from singer-songwriter Amos J. The idea ? Expose the pride and the happiness that had people to live and work in the region.

Their approach, purely artistic and carried out by the box from Flamant, was all the rage. And the result was so charming that the number of viewings of the clip on social networks has exceeded 185 000 !

The effect of training, helping, dancing a village then stopped to Lac-Brome for a new video, still worn by the music of Amos J. The success is not made wait, with about 284 000 viewings ! Hard to stay of the ice in front of both candor and good humor. Something tells us that the concept will be small.

Revue artistique de 2018

Édouard Lagacé


Édouard Lagacé passage to The Voice

It was known when he was very young, but it is a Édouard Lagacé mature and in full possession of his means, which is presented to The Voice 6, the last spring. After meeting with a refusal in 2016, the singer from Cowansville, has recovered well in his second attempt.

His interpretation of Dancing On My Own during blind auditions has been its effect on the four judges of the show, but it was Alex Nevsky that Edward has chosen for the coach.

Over the weeks, the young man made his way into the semi-finals, but her journey was stopped by the public who, by a Sunday evening of the end of April, he has preferred to Yann Cuff to represent the team Nevsky in the final of the contest. The day after his elimination, Edward had already sent two feet on the ground, anxious to pass the last exam of his degree in finance and marketing. But the idea of recording an album, continued to dream…

Revue artistique de 2018

Jean-François Ruel, aka Yes McCan


Jean-François Ruel, the villain of .

Oh, he was detestable, Damien created of all parts by Jean-François Ruel, aka Yes McCan, in the show coup-de-poing .at the beginning of the year. The Granbyen of origin, primarily known as the lead singer of the training is hip-hop Dead Obies, has revealed his talents as an actor in a leading role on the small screen, acclaimed both by the public and the critics. The young man has also been voted “villain of the year” at the gala of the Zapettes gold, in April last.

After this experience on television, the events were rushed to the artist. The output of the song Desired, which is heard in the tv series, the announcement of his departure, the Dead Obies and the launch of his first solo album, entitled YES (all, all, all, toutttte), followed by a tour in quebec in particular have marked the year 2018.

If VAT has confirmed that there would be a second season ., no date has been confirmed. Neither the return of Damien.

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