July 2, 2022
As of the 2022 minimum wage, INSS benefits will be adjusted

As of the 2022 minimum wage, INSS benefits will be adjusted

The projected minimum wage for 2022 has already been revised again. This is because the inflation index estimate has also increased. Thus, it is estimated that the minimum wage in 2022 will be 1.200,10 Brazilian Real. As a result, benefits paid through the National Institute of Social Security – INSS have also been adjusted and will be paid according to the minimum value.

Inflation for 2021 is expected to rise to 9.1%, boosting the value of the minimum wage. The biggest problem is that this increase does not represent a real profit for the worker. It only corrects the inflation gap.

The increase will be felt Benefits for policy holdersSuch as: retirement, sick pay, maternity allowance, prison allowance, death pension, continuous cash benefit (BPC), unemployment insurance and PIS/Pasep.

The increase in the minimum wage will also rise INSS . roof For benefit payments, the amount of R$6433.57 will change to R$7019.02. The revised minimum wage should come into effect already from January next year.

This increase in the minimum wage tracks the National Consumer Price Index – INPC and its forecast. With the increase in INPC, inflation inevitably rises and requires an adjustment of the minimum wage. The law specifies that retired, retired and other INSS insured persons cannot receive less than minimum wage.

Thus, this increase directly affects each of them.