June 28, 2022
Ask your questions about reopening the United States

Ask your questions about reopening the United States


Today (03), at 17h, PANROTAS portal promotes another The idea of ​​change. In a meeting with the Director General Abrew, Brazil and Uruguay Business Director Ronnie Correa American Airlines, Alexandre Cavalcanti, and Director of Strategic Accounting Brand USA Brazil, Lizandra Pajak, Editor-in-Chief Intermediary Panrotas, Artur Luiz Andrade, and discusses news, opportunities and expectations for the reopening of US borders to Brazilians.

In a statement, the White House issued some official entry rules, including the mandatory vaccination of visitors, the provision of a negative Govt test, and the need to send contact information to airlines in case of illness or to contact victims. .

Full of new products, Abreu offers exclusive tours, tours and packages throughout the North American region, especially in the favorite cities of Brazilians such as Miami, Orlando, New York and Las Vegas.

There are many reasons to go to the United States. For this and other factors Travel agency participation Essential in Trocando Ideia. Access the portal or Facebook PANROTAS, ask your questions and join our meeting 17h.