February 5, 2023
assertive and engaging communication.” - Portal Rondon

assertive and engaging communication.” – Portal Rondon

Demonstrate techniques for presenting yourself in public in an assertive and engaging manner, with clear and assertive communication. This is the objective of the course “Rhetoric: assertive and engaging communication”, promoted by the Association of Commerce and Business of Marechal Candido Rondon (Acimacar).

The event will take place between 14 and 17 March, from 7 pm to 11 pm, at the Derso da Cruz Viana auditorium, and will be moderated by facilitator Joao Carlos Klein.


The course is a realization of the Acimacar and Sebrae business service point of view. The investment is R$180 for members and students and R$250 for non-members. More information can be obtained by calling (45) 3284-5707 and you can register through the website www.acimacar.com.br/cursos.


According to Klein, the experience accumulated in society in these two years of the pandemic guides us toward a more focused view of communication. Some models of communicative interaction were validated and used routinely until the beginning of 2020, and had to be reconsidered and reconstructed to take into account the new reality suggested by the necessity of social distancing for the health issue.

But not everything has changed. In the field of human communication, many of the concepts established by the philosophy of language and linguistics, in their various fields, are still valid. However, adaptation is necessary. We live in times of profound changes in relationships. He stresses that we have survived a new reality that requires new skills.

Given that good communication requires knowledge and experience, which can be developed through the appropriation of technical, practical, and conceptual tools, Klein points out that in the course, participants will engage in self-knowledge exercises, which enhance control of anxiety and the domain of shyness, understanding verbal communication tools that allow expression clearly and firmly.

“Through a theoretical and practical approach, participants will develop a coherent body posture, appropriate gestures, and use of technical resources, among other important ways to be a great communicator in order to convey the desired message in a clear, assertive and engaging way,” guarantees.

Among the course objectives are the development, application and appreciation of verbal and nonverbal communication through rhetorical techniques and exercises, identifying the importance of telepathic communication in daily life, recognizing the traits of good communication, and enhancing them through the correct application of discourse. Voice, posture, gestures for effective communication, working on self-knowledge as a tool for managing one’s own initiatives and controlling anxiety, promoting self-esteem and freedom of public appearance, as well as understanding the importance of social networking as a business and communication tool. opportunities.

Program content

Self-assessment: What are my communication capabilities?

Do I know how to introduce myself? personal communications and marketing;

Emotional control and anxiety control. deciphering fear and its effects in the act of public communication;

Verbal communication: vocabulary, sequence, progression, coherence and objectivity, text principles.

Non-verbal communication: tone of voice, body expressions, gestures and facial expressions; body language;

Principles of telepathic communication – messages that we transmit unintentionally, without knowledge and without control;

Archetype language.

Reading by expression and improvisation.

The three themes of an unforgettable speech: a fun, half-smart, and poignant ending – what do I say about each theme? How do you set context, tell a story, present graphics, data, and videos, and conclude with a boom?;

Appropriate use of technical resources: microphone, pulpit, audiovisual at live events;

Social networking: an area of ​​opportunity.

Bibliography and additional readings are indicated.

About Joao Carlos Klein

Graduated in Arts – Portuguese from Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (Unioeste), João Carlos Klein specializes in Portuguese with a focus on discourse analysis, and graduate studies in Theology for Lay People (Famipar) and Institutional and Social Orientation (Ipappi), plus there is an improvement in Personal Telepathy Guidelines (Ippappi). He was professor of the Arts course at Unioete and has been professor of public speaking and proofreader since 2009, with recognized work in several municipalities in the western region of Paraná.

About Acimacar

With 2,000 rural entrepreneurs and producers, the Marechal Cândido Rondon (Acimacar) Commerce and Business Association has been working for 53 years to defend the interests of the Rondonian business class. Headed by pharmacist Carla Rieger Bregoli, she is also recognized for her leadership on regional and state issues, as well as for participating in various community demands. know more: www.acimacar.com.br.

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