Astronauts onboard the ISS conducted a geography lesson for students of Kazan Federal University

Experts in the field of Astronautics Anton shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev taught a geography lesson to students of the University of Kazan, and also the Artek campers boat International station. It should be noted that the class discussed during the teleconference “Kazan Federal University – international space station”. The information presented by the press service of the institution on April 17.

Космонавты с борта МКС провели урок географии для студентов КФУ

The message told that the members of the teleconference reviewed the presentation that has no analogues around the world. The project was called “geography Lessons with orbital heights.” It is known that in this industry working closely representatives of the Kazan Federal University. The astronauts noted that being shot in various natural objects specially for the Kazan project. It should be noted that astrophysics will demonstrate the technology of photographic materials from the ship, ISS.

Anton shkaplerov, together Oleg Artemyev told about the new work on International space station astronauts, as well as professionals to teach a geography lesson for the Artek campers and students of Kazan Federal University.

It is necessary to tell that the inhabitant of the Crimea Anton Shakirov told about the geography poluostrova the birthplace , the construction of Crimean bridge and other structures of the Russian Federation. It is known that the images taken of astronauts track changes in the ecology on Earth. It is reported that after the photos are sent to scientists to do research.

Note that the “geography Lessons with the orbital height” – the overall project of the Kazan Federal University, as well as rocket-space Corporation “Energy”. Now created four sections of the course on education – “Mountains”, “Lake”, “Snow and ice”, “Population and resettlement of the world.” It is worth considering that each section has about 200 photographs, which made Russian cosmonauts. Also attached a short piece of text developed by experts in conjunction with the space and teaching staff of Moscow and Kazan.




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