February 5, 2023

At 25, Globo’s heartthrob Nicolas Pratis assumes who he’s dating

One of the main actors of the current Platinum Generation is Nicholas Pratis, one of the actors in the soap opera Todos as Flores

This Friday, the thirtieth, handsome Nicholas Pratiswho gives life to Diego from the telenovela All flowersHe surprised his Instagram followers before ending the year.

In a rare photo, the artist appeared kissing his girlfriend, Luisa Caldi, a dancer on the Faustau programme. In the caption, of course, he announced himself to his partner and made his fans jealous.

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“I am blocking you now with my legs and pissing you off. I love you. Thank you 2022, ”the beloved young man wrote.

In All Flowers, which was successful on the streaming platform Globe, the actor is gaining a lot of fame due to his character, who has a good suffering history. The plot is split into two parts, and will be getting a sequel in April.

Everything seems to indicate that Diego will finally be able to take revenge on Luis Felipe, played by Cassio Gábos Mendez, after he was unjustly arrested because of the rich man.

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Nicolas Pratis and his girlfriend, Luisa Calde, a dancer in the Faustau show (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)
Nicolas Pratis and his girlfriend, Luisa Calde, a dancer in the Faustau show (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

inside the globe

Since last year, the station has faced a series of changes. They all hit the press and the entertainment sector.

Many financial portfolios have been laid off and countless professionals have been fired, especially the older ones, who have earned real wealth from the paycheck. According to a statement from the same channel, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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