December 9, 2022
At the Ballon d'Or Gala, Ray said that his brother Socrates represents the value of democracy and makes Lula "L" |  2022 elections

At the Ballon d’Or Gala, Ray said that his brother Socrates represents the value of democracy and makes Lula “L” | 2022 elections

Former football player Ray made a gesture to support the presidential candidate Lola (PT) in the delivery of the Golden Ball award on Monday (17). The tribute was held during the award section remembering his brother, also former player Socrates, who died in 2011.

Ray, the four-time world champion with the Brazilian national team in the 1994 World Cup, United Statepresented the award called “Socrates”, which was established by the Golden Globe Organization to reward players committed to social projects.

In his speech, the former midfielder cited the Brazilian presidential election and then made a hand gesture forming the letter “L” – which Lula’s supporters used to refer to the former president.

“We will have an important decision in our country in a few days. We know very well which side he is on. [Sócrates] Will be. We will all support him [Lula]. “It is important not only to Brazil, but to the world,” Ray said before handing the trophy to player Sadio Mane – who won in the category of promoting social activities in his country, Senegal.

He thanked Lola for the gesture on his social networks, and said that he was watching the concert.

Ray announced his support for Lula’s candidacy on September 13before the first round of the presidential election. He stated that he voted for Lula “because I believe in democracy and not torture, no matter what the morals.”

São Paulo’s brother, Socrates led the movement called Democracia Corinthiana, in the 1980s, when he advocated black and white. The athletes decided important team issues with votes and demanded the re-establishment of democracy in the country, which was under an army-led dictatorship.

In 1984, Socrates promised that he would leave Brazil if the then-direct vote project was defeated – and the so-called Dante de Oliveira Amendment was defeated in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, causing Socrates to leave Corinthians and play for Fiorentina in Italy.