August 15, 2022
At the summit organized by Biden, Bolsonaro says he is committed to democracy |  Policy

At the summit organized by Biden, Bolsonaro says he is committed to democracy | Policy

President Jair Bolsonaro Mentioned in a video clip on Friday afternoon (10) days summit for democracy The Brazilian government is committed to democracy and human rights.

The summit was organized by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and brought together leaders from nearly 100 countries due to the pandemic.

“This is an opportunity to renew our common commitment at the highest level to defending democracy, fighting corruption, and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms,” Bolsonaro said in the video.

In his speech, the president said the government was working “with determination” to “shape a culture of dialogue, freedom and social inclusion”.

“We are committed to ensuring freedom of thought, association and expression, including on the Internet, which is essential to the proper functioning of a healthy democracy,” he added.

This Thursday, in the opening speech of the summit, Joe Biden She defended women’s participation in politics and freedom of the press.

“All voices must be heard,” he said. “[O governo americano] You want to improve the presence of women and girls in politics, as well as empower the LGBTQIA+ community,” she added.

Bolsonaro returns to attack the STF and the electoral system in actions with anti-democratic agendas

Although he championed democracy at the top, three months ago, on the September 7 holiday of this year, Independence Day, Bolsonaro took part in a pro-government action in Brasilia in which he did Threats of scammers to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) – Remember in the video above.

On this occasion, he said that a “certain person from the Three Forces region” is carrying out “barbarism” of the population and carrying out “political arrests”, which, according to him, is no longer acceptable.

“We cannot continue to accept that a certain person from the Three Powers region is still attacking our people. We cannot accept more political arrests in Brazil. Either the head of that power surrounds your power or that power can suffer from what we do not want.” The president told his supporters.