October 3, 2023
At Um Lugar ao Sol, Cecília accepts Breno and disgusts the audience: 'Hypocrite' TV news

At Um Lugar ao Sol, Cecília accepts Breno and disgusts the audience: ‘Hypocrite’ TV news

In the last scene of Chapter 10 on Monday place in the sunAnd Cecilia Seek (Fernanda Marquez) Bryn (Marco Rico) after catching up with another meeting between Rebecca (Andrea Beltrau) and philippe (Gabriel Lyon). She was destroyed by her mother, she lied to herThe student asked for comfort from the photographer who had just lost his daughter and kissed him. The situation disgusted viewers of Globo’s opera nine in the morning, who called the model’s daughter a “hypocrisy”.

After that, the two exchanged shouts. husband said Ilana (Mariana Lima).

The model’s daughter replies, “Good so far. But am I getting a best friend’s boyfriend?” Brno concluded, “What can I tell you? If we had them in our hearts, we would choose who we wanted…”.

Then they hugged, looked at each other deeply, and shared a passionate kiss. The audience did not like the intimate relationship between the two and highlighted how hypocritical Cecilia was when mother criticism to get involved with a younger boy, and She was kissing an older married man.

“Cecilia thinks she’s right if she takes a married man old enough to be her father. But her mom can’t take the new single just because he’s her best friend. Save me,” complained one netizen named Tiago.

Breno was also not spared criticism, especially since his wife was in the hospital and Monday He just lost his daughter. “Cecilia and Brino are ridiculous,” Anna Livesera said. “Hey, honey, your wife just lost a child. This series makes us hate the characters.”

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place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will include 107. The series is being taped to the end due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting March 14th, Globo will be broadcasting the remake of Pantanal in prime time.

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