July 1, 2022
Atento Customers Left Without Call Center Company Victim of Cyber ​​Attack |  comp

Atento Customers Left Without Call Center Company Victim of Cyber ​​Attack | comp

two days without Atento Brasil . Service SystemsAnd victim on one Internet attack Not Sunday (17), companies like blueAnd skyAnd Itaú Unibanco NS vivo Continue to recommend digital channels, relying on internal teams and other suppliers to maintain customer service.

a Unimed Porto Alegre Customers have reported an “outage in the operating system for its call center,” which is powered by Atento. In lieu of the free service via 0800, the insurance company issued yesterday, a common land phone number for contacts.

Itaú Unibanco, which has preemptively halted part of the operation of its call centers due to the incident, said Tuesday (19) that the impact on call centers — particularly requests for cards, vehicle financing and payroll credit — “has been gradually declining.”

Vivo said today that it maintains its service team, which was activated yesterday, and that it continues to interact with all customers through direct application, an automated service in the call center and stores, as well as the Vivo Empresas app for corporate customers.

Other Atento customers like BMG seatand the sky and Riot Games They also stated that nothing has changed with respect to Atento’s systems and that they maintain approved customer service alternatives since the cyberattack on the service provider.

This Tuesday sought through a report Values, Atento chose not to comment. Yesterday, the company informed that it was focusing on working with the authorities, in confidence, and that it would be suspended later on Tuesday..

In addition to sending a notice to customers, on Sunday, through which Values Having access, Atento has not publicly commented on the cyberattack.