Athletes césairois rewarded

Des athlètes césairois récompensés

The Town of Saint-Césaire was awarded Tuesday evening to the efforts of seven athletes from the municipality by providing awards totalling $ 5900 $.

The Foundation of Elite sports and cultural of Saint-Césaire pointed out the accomplishments of the sisters Beatrice and Melyna Dagenais Guay in figure skating and in dance, who have received cheques of $ 1200 and $ 1000.

Allison Lacombe and Melody Side, that change also in figure skating, have won scholarships of $ 900 and $ 1000.

Wrestlers premises have also received a number of awards, starting with Rose Forgues and Emile Forgues, who were given cheques of $ 500 and $ 550 for their performance in olympic wrestling. Practicing the fight in free style, Yann Heymug has been awarded a scholarship of $ 750.

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