August 18, 2022
Atletico beat Juventud No Sol to take over as deputy captain of the Brazilian

Atletico beat Juventud No Sol to take over as deputy captain of the Brazilian

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Atlético beat Juventus and became the runner-up in the Brazilian Championship

In the afternoon of a correct performance at the Estadio Alfredo Gaccone, in Caxias do Sul, Atlético beat Juventus 2-1 on Saturday (2) and finished second in the Brazilian First Division, with 27 points. Strikers Hulk and Eduardo Sacha scored two of Gallo’s goals in the match.

Atletico left a good performance in the south of the country. With good defensive consistency in most of the fencing and a killer when going up to attack, Minas Gerais deservedly beat Juventud and moved up from fifth to second in the Brazilian, albeit temporarily.

Atltico’s next commitment has a decision-making nature. On Tuesday (5), at 7:15 p.m., Gallo receives Emelec in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, for the second leg of the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da América.

In the first leg, in Ecuador, the two teams tied 1-1, so Mohamed’s “El Turco” team needs to beat Gigante da Pampulha to qualify for the quarter-finals. In the event of a new tie, the penalty decision will be taken in a penalty shootout.

the game

In the first minute, Atlético arrived in danger. With effective high pressure, the team got the ball back to the middle, and Caleb was pushed by the right. The young man shot from outside the area, forcing goalkeeper Caesar to tackle it. Juventud responded with a quick counterattack that ended Chico’s large-scale submission.

The course of the first half revealed the scenario of divided ball possession, with a slightly larger role for the rooster. When he took possession of the ball, he faced Atletico Juventud with low lines and sought moves from the men up front to disrupt the opponent’s structure. Without the ball, the Minas Gerais team fired to increase the mark and sought to disturb the gacha team outing.

Due to the good defensive work of both teams, the game had few chances to score. In the 27th minute, Igor Rabelo made a beautiful long throw to shoot Ademir in the rear. The Atlético runner started up front and William Matthews pushed him inside the area. The referee awarded a penalty kick. Hulk charged with category and open registration: 1 to 0.

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Penalty kick taken by Hulk for Atletico

After the goal, Juventud immediately launched the attack in search of an equaliser. Gallo even gave up some space in the middle, but had an effective game of defensive line to avoid big chances for Gachou’s side. The new scenario of the game provided more spaces for Atletico to counterattack, especially with the Hulk, but the initiatives of the alvinegras did not work.


In the first half, Turku promoted the entry of midfielder Otvio in his place for striker Ademir. In the new configuration with dual-wheel drive, Calebe opened on the left and Eduardo Vargas opened on the right, with Sasha and Hulk following on the inside.

In 4 minutes, Atlético created their first good chance. After stealing the ball from Alan in the middle, Hulk took off and freed Sasha in the area. The striker had difficulties controlling and lost time trying, ending Caesar’s defence.

In the 10th minute, another goal from Gallo. Hulk started on the left and made a beautiful solo play on the counterattack. The number 7 gave a beautiful cross to Vargas, who cleverly arranged for Sasha in the small area. The striker only took the trouble to push into the net: 2 to 0.

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Celebrating the goal scored by Eduardo Sacha for Atletico

Shortly after the second goal, Turco promoted entries for Nacho and Rubens into vacancies at Calebe and Vargas, respectively. With absolute control of the game, Atltico prioritized protecting their territory and continued to look for spaces on counterattacks. In defense, Rver and Igor Rabello were distinguished by subtle interventions.

In the 30th minute, Juventud scored. Moraes took advantage of the rebounding ball and hit the kick from outside the area. He also had a wrap in Rver to balance the nets: 2 to 1. Shortly after the goal, Mariano took the place of Eduardo Sacha in Gallo.

The scenario changed after Jaconero’s goal. Atletico regained control of the ball in a commendable position, defending themselves by keeping the ball at their feet. In the add-ons, Turco also promoted Fbio Gomes’ spot-on entry for the Hulk to gain time. With a convincing performance, Gallo returned to add three points for the Brazilian and took over as deputy command.

Youth 1×2 Athlete


Caesar. Rodrigo Soares, Talison, Rafael Forster and William Matthews (Morais); Yuri, Judson and Ruiz’s scar (Edinho); Chico (Isidro Beta), Capixaba (Paulo Henrique) and Ricardo Bueno.

Technical: Umberto Loser


Iverson. Goga, Igor Rabelo, Revere, and Arana; Alan and Caleb (Nacho Ferendez) and Eduardo Sacha (Mariano); Ademir (Otvio), Vargas (Rubens), and Hulk (Fbio Gomes).

Technical: “Al-Turku” Muhammad

reasonThe fifteenth round of the Brazilian First Division of the championship

DateSaturday, July 2, 2022 at 4:30 pm

placeAlfredo Gaccone Studio, in Caxias do Sul

Rule: Flvio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA) (SP)

helpers: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)

VAR: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA) (SP)

Objectives: Hulk (Atltico, at 29″ from 1°T), Sasha (Atltico, at 10′ from 2°T); Moraes (young, at 30′ from 2°T)

yellow cards: William Matthews, Yuri (Youth); Mariano (Atlantic)