December 2, 2023
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Atletico fans threaten Flamengo children after the match

The competition crossed the dawn line from Wednesday to Thursday in Curitiba. After Flamengo beat Atletico in Arena da Baixada 1-0 With a great view from Pedro, Mengão fans went to fraternize with a meal at a restaurant near the stadium, but were surprised by the local crowd.

Accompanied by their parents, some of the children supporting Mingo were threatened by Atlético fans. In addition, the situation became so serious that at one time a woman from Parana asked her friends to calm down: “There are children, for God’s sake.” Watch.

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However, the request had no effect and the other athletes continued with insults: “Vavilados do c….let’s go let’s go. Take in c..mengo. go to the slums.” Watch.

Paraná Athletics Sector Specialist, Journalist Giuliano Lorenz Oscar, from Paraná University tretisThey did not shy away from criticizing the managers and issued a warning about the safety of the place. According to Giuliano, the restaurant is associated with the elite district of the state.

“Unfortunately. This is in an elite restaurant Curitiba on top of that. At the time, the owner was lying very quietly, only an employee with a “bucha” to solve it. He probably didn’t even have a manager at the time,” he shot.

On the grass, Flamengo dominated and won

Even with all these troubles off the pitch, Flamengo confirmed their technical quality and won Atletico with dominance in the second stage. Cutting out the first half, Dorival Júnior knew how to roll the ball in the last 45 minutes and could have won with even more goals.

Thus, he will face Mais Querido, seeded between Sao Paulo and America-MG, in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. Flamengo will meet its rival on Thursday evening in Minas Gerais.

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