June 4, 2023

Atlético invites fans ‘banned’ by America to watch the match in the booth

Atlético president Sergio Coelho has invited a fan ‘banned’ by America from following matches in Independência to watch the Mineiro tournament final in his box (Photo: Reproduction)

The story of retiree Mirza Guimarães continues to gain significant repercussions. A fanatical athlete, the former systems analyst is one of Independencia’s neighbors and was surprised when America put up a sign in front of their window that overlooked the stadium. Gallo’s boss, Sergio Coelho, was touched by the story and invited her to watch the Campeonato Mineiro Final at his cabin.

When I saw the article, I was touched and asked a counselor to go to her house. He saw if there was any possibility of her watching the game on a board or in whatever else she wanted, with the option of watching with me also in our cabin. Her house offered no other option for watching it than through window, so there’s no way to watch it there.”

Mirza had two invitations, so that she and her companion could go there and watch us.

In contact with the report, Mirza said that she would not go to the booth. The elderly woman intends to watch the first game of the state final at home, where she usually receives her group of friends. With no option to follow the match through the window, you’ll install a TV on site.

The first stage of the decision between America and Atlético will be played on Saturday (1/4), at 4:30 pm, in Horto. The second leg of the showdown was set for April 8, but would have to be rescheduled due to a calendar conflict.