March 31, 2023
Atlético Joe throws Jorginho after losing to Goias in the Clasico |  Athlete

Atlético Joe throws Jorginho after losing to Goias in the Clasico | Athlete

End of coach Jorginho’s streak at Atlético-GO. He was kicked out by the club on Saturday night after 2-1 defeat In the classic match against rival Goiás, in the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Jorginho was already rocking his post, but there was Received a vote of confidence from the board of directors At the beginning of the week. However, the poor performance of the team, which was dominated mainly by Goias in the first half of the match, added pressure on the 58-year-old coach, who could not resist the setback.

The announcement was made by Atlético-GO on social networks about two hours after the match. Despite being in the South American semi-finals, Dragao is 19th in the Italian league and is fighting relegation.

This was Jorginho’s second term at Atlético-GO. After a short stint at the start of 2021, he was appointed again in May this year and led the club in 27 games: 10 wins, six draws and 11 defeats – taking advantage of 44% of the points played.

Jorginho: The coach outside Dragao – Photo: Alan David / ACG

Last week, Atlético-Go really took a hit by being eliminated by Corinthians in the Copa del Rey quarter-final. The fall was at least expected to make the team’s reaction in the second division, but the draw with Cuiaba and the defeat by Goias undermined expectations.

Recently, Jorginho has also been involved in an argument with Abel Ferreira. He criticized the Palmeiras coach’s position on at least two occasions. Or not, With regard to the treatment of arbitration. The context of the second was the episode in which Abel went down to the locker room “Listen to music” did not follow the penalty kick From his team against Atlético MG, in the quarter-finals of the Libertadores.