August 8, 2022
Atletico MG angry at Flamengo's request to referee the World Cup in a decision

Atletico MG angry at Flamengo’s request to referee the World Cup in a decision

FLA’s board of directors sent a letter to the Brazilian Football Confederation on the eve of the Round of 16 match asking Wilton Pereira Sampaio to referee the Maracana.

Atletico MG were disturbed by Flamengo’s participation with the Brazilian Confederation on the eve of the second leg of the Copa Brasil last 16 round of 16. Cariocas requested a World Cup Fencing Referee – there are two in the country today: Wilton Pereira Sampaio and Raphael Claus – and was answered by the entity.

The Goal He found Gallo’s board of directors unhappy with the Brazilian Football Confederation’s decision to accept Flamengo’s request for a knockout duel. There is annoyance behind the scenes with the way it was voiced. The miners realize that the cariocas was responsible for choosing the owner of the whistle in the duel that will be played in Maracanã.

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The annoyance will be reported to the entity on Wednesday (13), before the match against Flamengo in the Copa del Rey. The summit has not yet decided how to notify the national entity, but is already preparing to talk about the issue with President Edinaldo Rodriguez.

Flamengo sent a letter to the Brazilian Confederation, signed by President Rodolfo Landim, last Monday (11), to demand the attendance of “the World Cup referee, who, due to his experience and technical competence, is not afraid of the pressure exerted by the players on the field and does not allow unsportsmanlike behavior during the match, while complying with a strict rule.

Flamengo’s request is based on discussions involving striker Hulk and referee Anderson Daronko (Russia/FIFA) last Sunday (10). On this occasion, Cariocas claimed that the striker “had the honor of the referee who is not ashamed of his attitude of apparently grumbling at every move in the match, without being duly warned by the referees, neither verbally nor together. The use of cards”.

In Wednesday’s duel, in the Maracanã, the siren will be under the responsibility of Wilton Pereira Sampaio (FIFA / JO), who will be assisted by Bruno Rafael Perez (FIFA / JO) and Bruno Boschilia (FIFA / PR). In the first leg, Gallo beat FLA by 2-1 in Mineirao.