June 7, 2023
Atlético-MG fans blow up five players after defeat in Brazil

Atlético-MG fans blow up five players after defeat in Brazil

Credit: Premier

Atlético lost 2-1 to America-MG, in a match played this Saturday, in Independencia, by Brazil. With goals from Iago Maidana and Cáceres, Coelho surprised his opponent and jumped to second place in the competition. There are three matches without Gallo winning in Serie A.

With the setback, Atlético slipped to fourth with eight points. America, in turn, is making a huge leap up the leaderboard and is now the runner-up with a score of nine.

During and after the derby, the Atlético fans were annoyed by many players. Among the most cited personalities are Hulk, Admir, Gayer, and Alan Warsaw. Coach Antonio Mohamed again received several accusations from the athletes.

A goal keeper Athlete Talk about “picking up the pieces”

The best on the field for Atlético, goalkeeper Iverson avoided even the loosest result, mainly due to the chances America created in the first half. According to him, it was time to “pick up the pieces” and fight back.

– America managed to put pressure on us at the start of the game, we played like this for a long time, with the ball out. We will work even harder not to compromise on goals. People charge each other all the time. It’s hard to speak at the moment as they haven’t lost to America in six years, it’s picking up the pieces and Wednesday has an important away game and we need to score – he told Premier.

– Like you said, America spent a long time without beating Atletico. It’s the best moment for Atletico, but we played very well, we’re improving game by game, and we lost last week in the Libertadores. But now, with this victory, we are in the spirits again and continue that this is the way we must go – Caceres celebrated

Technical Card: Atlético vs America-MG
Date: May 7, 2022
Time: 16:30 (from Brasilia)
Location: Independence, Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Assistants: Bruno Rafael Perez and Fabio Pereira (both from GO)
Where to watch: Premiere

Athlete (Coach: Antonio Mohamed)

Iverson. Goga, Revere (Igor Rabelo), Junior Alonso and Rubens; Allan, Yair, Nacho Fernandez Zaratcho; Keno and Hulk.

Embezzlement: Arana and Nathan Silva (suspended), Mariano and Vargas (physical problems).

AMERICA-MG (Coach: Wagner Mancini)

Gilson. Patrick, Iago Maidana, Eder and Joao Paulo; Lucas Cale, Juninho and Andio Ramirez (Aloysio); Mathiosinho, Pedrinho and Felipe Azevedo.

Wellington Paulista, Ali, Everaldo, Marlon and Paulinho Poya. (All injured).