February 1, 2023
Atlético-MG has a bid and offer for Igor Gomes, from São Paulo

Atlético-MG has a bid and offer for Igor Gomes, from São Paulo

a Atlético MG He made an offer to hire Igor Gomez, from São Paulo. The Minas Gerais club has advanced transfer negotiations for the midfielder, whose contract with Tricolor expires in March.

Without renewing with Sao Paulo, Igor Gomez could already sign a pre-contract with a new club. Constantly criticizing the player, he recently changed his manager and decided to change his method. At first the idea was to transfer abroad. he is Botafogo became the target🇧🇷

Appointing players at the end of their contract is the strategy adopted by the Atlético board, which carefully monitors players whose bonds are due to expire. In the 2022 season, for example, six of the nine boosters are free players on the market.

As in the case of midfielder Ottavio and striker Pavon, who signed Gallo six months before their contract with Bordeaux (France) expired and Boca Juniors (ARG), respectively. In 2023, it won’t be any different, to the point where the first boost announced was along the same lines.

Paulinho has agreed to be a Gallo player when his contract with Bayer Leverkusen expires, starting in July. Access to Cidade do Galo was expected through a loan that would run until June, after which Paulinho will stay with Atletico until the end of 2027.

Information about Igor Gomez was initially published by the journalist Come Big house.

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