March 30, 2023
Atlético MG Rebellion: Referee mentions Coca assistant's offenses and Rodrigo Caetano's kicks in the VAR room: 'Stop stealing' |  Athlete - mg

Atlético MG Rebellion: Referee mentions Coca assistant’s offenses and Rodrigo Caetano’s kicks in the VAR room: ‘Stop stealing’ | Athlete – mg

Atletico MG defeats Santos in a comeback, Power 3 A 1, in a game with a lot of complaints from Rooster against refereeing, especially in the first half. According to the match summary, Coca’s assistant and manager Rodrigo Caetano revolted. According to the arbitration report, the leader was to hit and kick the door of the VAR operating room.

Referee Paulo Roberto Alves Jr. wrote in the game document that in the 41st minute of the first half, football director Alfinegro had “kicked and punched the door of the VOR room” and used the following words: “Thieves, stop stealing, we will not accept this.”

Gallo’s complaint, in the first stage, included an unnoticed penalty from Wagner Leonardo, the Santos defender, at Zaracho (the defender pulled the Argentine shirt). Unannounced errors also made the home team nervous.

VAR do Mineirão technology – Photo: Agência i7 / Mineirão

In addition to Rodrigo Caetano, another member of the Atlético delegation mentioned in the summary is Eudes Pedro, one of Cuca’s direct aides (as well as his brother Cuquinha). The assistant, at the end of the first half, would shout: “Here no one will rob us.”

The referee wrote on the record sheet that he was insulted “for honor and morals”. These two cases will become on the agenda of the STJD’s attorney general’s office, which can indict Eudes and Rodrigo Caetano.

Rodrigo Caetano and Eudes Pedro in Galo x Santos Summary – Photo: Reproduction / CBF

The word “VOR” written on the results sheet (see above) means “Video Operation Room” in English. In translation, the video operating room, where the referee team that controls the video assistant referee is located.

Also in the summary report, Santos’ goal writer, Raniel, received a yellow card from the referee for turning towards Atletico fans to celebrate with provocative gestures. In the images broadcast, the former Cruzeiro player’s lips can be read saying: “I’m ordering here (Mineirao)”.

And as an “answer”, young attacking midfielder Savinho was hit with yellow after Atlético’s third goal, which would force victory, for his celebration of invading the pitch and passing in front of the Santos bench to provoke.