July 14, 2024

Atlético-MG tricks and makes it difficult for Alan to leave for Palmeiras

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Atlético-MG tricks and makes it difficult for Alan to leave for Palmeiras
Atlético-MG tricks and makes it difficult for Alan to leave for Palmeiras

a Palm trees He lived up to his expectations that he could step up in search of defensive midfielder Alan, from Atlético MG, on Thursday (16). But before the scheduled meetings with representatives, from the Minas Gerais club and the player, Gallo sought to urge the player to intensify talks to renew the contract with a salary increase.

At least a week ago, the Athletica management suggested that the midfielder could recover, but the first steps towards that were taken this morning, when BH sought a professional staff.

The tendency is for this blow to materialize, which will knock Verdau out of the fray on the wheel. Palmeiras’ trump card was in getting along with the player’s representative, Giuliano Bertolucci, who convinced Alan of the Palmeiras sporting project.


In the first talks to search for the player, which took place in early March, Palmeiras offered €9 million (R$50.7 million, at current prices), an amount rejected by the sporting administration. The offer was rejected by Alviverdi Club.

Even with the initial negativity, the Palestinians have not given up their dependence on Allan. They have remained in touch with Bertolucci, who has had a pledge signed with Verdau to help the club find a solution in the market for Danilo, who also belongs to the agent, to leave for Nottingham Forest, in England, in January this year.

Through Giuliano Bertolucci, Palmeiras suggested the possibility of paying up to €11 million (R$) for the Atlético-MG midfielder. The information affected, at first, those responsible for the administrative and financial side of the Minas Gerais Club. On the other hand, football representatives, especially Executive Director of Football Rodrigo Caetano and coach Eduardo Codette, have always been opposed to selling Alan, especially to a direct competitor in the main competitions of this season, such as Brazil and the Libertadores.

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However, the sporting attitude of intensifying interest in renewal was a strategy for the Minas Gerais team to keep the player. which has a good chance of happening.

Currently, Alan’s salary is far from among the highest in acting. It is around R$400,000 per month and can go up to twice that with contract renewal.

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